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Jack Fethers

Framed Woodcock

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This limited edition framed Woodcock is numbered, framed and signed by artist and would make a perfect gift for any art lover or bird enthusiast. 

This piece was originally painted on a natural coloured hessian. 

The rustic brown frame is 35x47cm and has a mount border made from solid pinewood for that natural look. It is easy to hang on the wall and looks fantastic in any room. 

A fairly large, short-legged wading bird, the Woodcock lives in woodlands and on heathlands where its mottled plumage provides it with excellent camouflage as it probes around the ground for earthworms and beetles to eat. If you happen to disturb one, it will fly off in a zig-zag pattern between the trees before dropping back to the ground and the safe, dense cover of the undergrowth. The UK's Woodcock are mostly residents, but they are joined by wintering birds from Finland and Russia.

Please note that print number may differ in photos.