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Jack Fethers

Framed Kingfisher with Fish

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This limited edition framed Kingfisher with Fish (A successful fishing trip)  is numbered, framed and signed by artist and would make a perfect gift for any art lover or bird enthusiast. 

Kingfishers are small unmistakable bright blue and orange birds of slow moving or still water. They fly rapidly, low over water, and hunt fish from riverside perches, occasionally hovering above the water's surface. They are vulnerable to hard winters and habitat degradation through pollution or unsympathetic management of watercourses.

The frame sizes: 

a4 framed total size: 35x47cm 

a3 framed total size:45x62cm

The wooden and gold frame are handmade from pinewood with a choice of mount boards and a sheet of glass/per-specs for that premium look. These are easy to hang on the wall and looks fantastic in any room. 

Please note that print number may differ in photos.